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Who We Are

Salee Printing PCL. (SLP) Is widely recognized for its innovations and high quality of label products.
For decades, SLP keeps investing in state-of-the-art technologies, automates the process to achieve
consistent and high quality products. We provide innovative packaging solutions for Home & Personal 
Care, Health Care, Food, Beverages and Specialty labels. 


"Thailand Label Provider Leader" The company is committed to be excellence in the production of labels for all type of products and packaging.
Respond to the customer requirements relating to the labeling and packaging with modern innovation, equivalent to foreign countries.


Values consist of the following principles:

Quality products
By applying modern technology and various knowledges to develop to meet the needs of customers in terms of quality, value and cost for the customers to receive good quality products that meets the needs, on time and at the suitable price.

Focus on providing good services to customers in order to provide customers with the highest satisfaction on the correct ethical basis.

Operate business and manage the work on 8 principles of responsibility.
- Responsibility to shareholders
- Responsibility to employees
- Responsibility to customers
- Responsibility to the government
- Responsibility to partners
- Responsibility to competitors
- Responsibility to creditors
- Responsibility to the community, society environment.

พ.ร.บ.คุ้มครองข้อมูลส่วนบุคคล (PDPA : Personal Data Protection Act)


Salee Printing Co., Ltd was founded in 1996 Turnover 7 million
The image setter machine, BG3800 was installed, starting in-house operation of prepress production.
​The company was certified to the quality management standard, ISO 9000
We relocate to the new factory, equipped with new machines and equipment that improves quality and functionality of self-adhesive label we printed.
Salee Printing execute an alliance with Pago in Switzerland and rename itself to Pago Salee Printing.
In the same year, we were certified both ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management Standard) and ISO 9001:2008
Pago was taken over by Fuji Seal, Pago Salee Printing decided to buy the shares back and rename itself to Salee Printing.
In the same year, we also purchase more land for future expansion
Register new company entity as Salee Printing Public Company Limited.
Listed in The Stock Exchange of Thailand on May 7, 2015 with paid-up capital of 1,200 million shares at par value Baht 0.25 totally amount Baht 300 million
New printing machines, increase production capacity.
New Inspection machines.
New In-Mold label finishing machine.